Keio University Health Center Home Page Renewal

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The Keio University Health Center home page has been updated as of September 4, 2017. In accordance with general university rules, staff members (mainly nurses) made a unique home page after gathering many opinions from doctors and other staff members. The staff created the home page with a method of repeated trial-and-error, until it was finally completed.

The key point for the new page was ensuring that faculty and staff members could acquire the information they need from the website quickly and easily. We welcome your feedback as to whether or not we have effectively achieved this goal, and we will incorporate your opinions as we continue to improve the home page.

We are pleased to announce the update of the home page to all faculty and staff members here, and we hope that you will use this home page effectively going forward.

Hiroshi Kawabe, M.D., DR. Med. Sci.

Keio University Health Center Director