Required notification of infectious diseases

Classifications according to the School Health Law enforcement regulations

It is necessary to report to the University if you are infected with Influenza, Whooping cough, Measles, Rubella, Mumps, Chicken pox, etc. Please refer to the Health Center to report other contagious disease.

Type1 Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, South American hemorrhagic fever, Bubonic plague, Marburg disease, Lassa fever, Poliomyelitis, Diphtheria, SARS :Severe acute respiratory syndrome, MERS : Middle East respiratory syndrome, Avian influenza
Type2 Influenza (excluding Avian influenza), Whooping cough, Measles, Rubella, Mumps, Chicken pox, Pharyngoconjunctival fever, COVID-19(From May 8, 2023), Tuberculosis
Type3 Cholera, Shigellosis, Enterohemorrhagic E. coli infection(O157),Typhoid fever, Paratyphoid, Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis, Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, Other contagious disease

How to report when infected with an infectious disease

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