About the Health Center


Keio University Health Center (KUHC)'s aim is professional health management for the students and the staff of a Keio University.

Main duties

  • Medical investigation for healthy increases
  • Hygiene education for the students
  • BLS education
  • First aid
  • First aid for school events (Athletic meet, School excursion, Swimming / Skiing camp)
  • Health checkup
  • Health checkup when Keio university employs the staff
  • Specific health checkup for medical-care system for the elderly of latter term
  • Special health checkup(radioactive rays, chemical substance)
  • Health checkup of specific duties(Late-night duties, Duties to handle a pathogen)
  • Health consultation
  • Publication of the health checkup certificate
  • Investigation about the environmental hygiene of Buildings
  • Measures of the infectious disease
  • Antibody inspection of the infectious disease
  • Vaccination of the hepatitis B for medical students
  • Interview of the industrial physician for a long time worker and the long-term absentee
  • Interview of a school doctor for the person of infectious disease
  • Supplement of medicine and expendable supplies / Check of AED
  • Daily medical record