Information on Health Consultations

Health consultations by physicians and public health nurses are available at the Hiyoshi Headquarters of the Keio University Health Center as well as respective campus branches. Please do not hesitate to use this service, which may in principle be availed of at no cost, for consultations relating to matters such as student life, health check-up results, mental health, and any other impediments which are cause for concern.

  • It would be preferable for persons with limited Japanese proficiency to be accompanied to consultations by a person capable of providing interpretation.
  • If the nature of consultation requires time, please book in advance by phone. Note also that first aid and emergencies may be given priority. We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.
  • If it is deemed necessary that consultation would be better dealt with by an external medical facility, patients may be referred to facilities at which treatment is available in English.
  • Patients may be offered referrals to specialist physicians or counsellors at their own request if specialist treatment is deemed necessary following consultation.
  • No extra costs will be required to the extent that the examining physician deems, following consultation, that treatment remains within the scope of health consultation even in cases which are initially treated as medical diagnoses and treatment. However, please note that even if you are not prescribed medicine or undergo testing, basic treatment fees will apply if these are part of medical diagnoses and treatment.

How to call an ambulance

Make an emergency call by calling 119 (the same number in case of fire) to ask for an ambulance in case of sudden illness or injury.

How to find medical facilities in your area

There are few hospitals with doctors and staff who can speak English on constant duty in Japan. However, many international clinics and general hospitals offer medical consultations in English. If you can attend with an interpreter, you may be able to consult at clinics in your locality. Please contact the Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center below or enquire directly with the medical institution you wish to attend in advance. Please ensure you bring your national health insurance when attending.

Search for medical institutions(Japan Tourism Agency and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan)

Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center

AMDA International Medical Information Center
03-6233-9266 (10:00~15:00)