Using Keio Gijuku Clinics

About Keio Gijuku Clinics

There are clinics in four university campuses at Hiyoshi, Mita, Shonan Fujisawa, and Yagami, which can be used by the university students and faculty members (Keio University Health Insurance Members, excluding voluntary continuation).
Our clinics has internal medicine and psychiatry department. Reservation is necessary when consulting psychiatry. The students of the affiliated schools must consult with school doctors in each detached office (health room,nurse's office).
Students (students in a special course etc.) who have not joined the student health insurance and faculty members (part-time teachers etc.) who have not joined the insurance program can receive first aid, so please consult us.

About the Consultation Fee

University Students

Half of the consultation fee is covered by the Student Health Care Mutual Aid Association (Gakuseikenpo). Family's health insurance cannot be used, so it is necessary to bear half the fee. However, one must bear the expense when insurance does not apply, such as a certificate of health checkup.

Faculty Members(who have joined Keio Health Insurance Society)

You bear 30% of medical expenses. If health insurance can not be applied, You bear 100% of medical expenses, such as a medical certificate.