Primary care

Primary care for minor illnesses as well as a second examination after the annual health checkup are provided, and if necessary, we will provide you with a referral letter for consultations at the Keio university hospital or other external medical institution.

Preparation of various medical certificates, Certificates of Annual Health Checkup, immunization records, etc.

We can issue various medical certificates based on the results of medical examinations taken at our clinics. We can also provide you with a medical certificate proving your absence from class was due to illness, although to issue this you must undergo an examination on the day you missed the class in question. A certificate backdated to the date of absence cannot be issued.
(At the Health Center, reports containing the results of your annual health checkup can be issued at the counter for the clinic. The results of your annual health checkup can also be accessed from

We also issue Certificates of Annual Health Checkup for university- or employment-related activities, such as finding employment, advancing to a higher degree, studying abroad, sports, scholarships, moving into a dormitory, or drug use, as well as taking the national examinations for medical practitioners, pharmacists, midwifery, or nursing (we will not issue a certificate for the purpose of taking out life insurance). Depending on the certificate, tests for additional items will be required. For tests that cannot be performed at the clinic, you may be referred to an external medical institution. We recommend that you consult a member of staff at the counter in advance.

If you need an immunization record for study abroad, etc., you will need your Maternal and Child Health Handbook or records of past immunizations. Please consult us in advance, bringing these records and an outline for creating the document to the counter.

Specialisms of doctors

Doctors at the clinics provide medical care for all areas of internal medicine.

However, as each doctor has his/her own area of specialization, if you have a question or need to consult a doctor on a specialized matter, we recommend that you visit after checking the specialism of the doctor who will be on duty on a given day and time.