First Aid

If the person is unconscious

  • Call an ambulance "119" to 、get "AED"
  • Give chest compressions when you get an AED.
  • Open the AED. Apply the Pads.if the patient need the shock push the flashing button.
  • Call the Health Center and or Security office.
  • You can check AED MAP
reference:NIHON KOHDEN

Conscious but can't walk

Call Health Center

Branch Phone Tell us the symptoms
Headquarters of Health Center(Hiyoshi) 045-566-1055 ・Name,Sex
・Bleed or not
Mita Branch 03-5427-1607
Shinanomachi Branch 03-5356-3634
Yagami Branch 045-566-1456
SFC Branch 0466-49-3411
Shiba Branch 03-5400-2626

Situation in which you should call an ambulance without hesitation(Adult)


If the parson can walk by himself

Please come to the Health Center in your Campus.You can receive first aid treatment.

Please check open hours in Using the health center

First aid

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