Mental health survey (Students)

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A mental health survey will be held each year as part of the Annual Health Checkup for students (participation anonymous and voluntary).

This questionnaire will allow you to identify if any of the issues of mental health which may infringe on student life apply to you.

Survey period: June 25-July 22, 2020
Please access the URL below (using Google Chrome).

Past results from student mental health surveys have indicated that levels of social anxiety of over 3%, depression of slightly under 4%, and suicide risk of 0.6%, are higher than the morbidity levels in the general population, and are known to lend themselves to mutual occurrence.

Any persons wishing for advice may avail of an initial consultation with a physician free of charge.

In addition, the Keio University Health Center will conduct a statistical analysis to identify the presence and degree of students with issues, and will present its findings at academic conferences, etc.

Note also that the information obtained from the survey will be statistically processed only, and will in no instance be used for any other purpose.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.