Observational Studies Using Anonymous Data

The Keio University Health Center is cooperating with the Keio University Clinics in various tasks from promoting measures against lifestyle-related diseases and infectious diseases to improving environmental health, school health, occupational health, and mental health. As part of our work, any valuable insights that are gained through the analysis and investigation of various types of data, including the medical examination and the clinical data, are used for future treatment and guidance, as well as for managing the health of Keio's faculty and staff members and students of all ages. However, we also believe that contributing to the progress of medicine is one of Keio's important missions. The use of these valuable insights must not be limited to within the university but should also be shared with society, in a way that does not identify any individuals, by presenting them at specialized academic conferences or as published papers. For this purpose, with approval of the Ethics Review Committee, we are conducting two types of observational studies using anonymous data: "Social Contribution through the Publication of Insights Gained during the Process of Carrying Out Tasks of the Keio University Health Center" and "Consideration of Lifestyles and the Aging Process and the Year-to-Year Changes of Lifestyle-related Diseases and Related Parameters through the Secondary Use of Medical Examination and Clinical Data at Keio University and Its Affiliated Schools."

The anonymous data mean those no longer contain information that identifies individuals. These data will be obtained with prior confirmation for the intended use of the data at the time of performing the tasks. Observational studies refer to research that are not conducted for intervention studies.